HippoScore supplies orchestras and ensembles with scores and parts of top video game music.

HippoScore has put together a large catalogue of video game scores by renowned composers that are available for concert performances. We are continuously working on expanding the catalogue.

Various titles are represented directly and exclusively by HippoScore in partnership with the composers and publishers, but we are also able to obtain a wide variety of video game scores for you directly from other composers and publishers which we have close connections to.

We strive for high quality in our work and services. That’s why we work closely with the composers to assure that the scores, the performances and everything else we do will meet the necessay quality standards for a spectacular concert experience!

Are you interested in performing video game music in a concert but are not sure what scores are available in which instrumentation or how to obtain them? We have access to a big selection of video game music scores and help you obtain the scores and parts, visuals and the performance permissions for your concert.

Please contact us now at: inquiries@hipposcore.com

We will be happy to guide you through the full variety of available video game music scores and give you individual assistance with your concert production.