HippoScore strives to bring video game music into concert halls.

We work with orchestras, ensembles, conductors and event organisers on exciting and unique video game music concerts.

What HippoScore can offer:

  • Development of unique concert concepts and programmes
  • Supplying video game scores and parts (see Score Catalogue)
  • Clearing performance permissions
  • Visuals for live-to-music projections
  • Creation of custom concert arrangements of video game music titles

We strive for high quality in our work and services. That’s why we work closely with the composers to assure that the scores, the performances and everything else we do will meet the necessay quality standards for a spectacular concert experience.

Get in touch with us now – we would love to talk with you about your project!


Concert programmes by HippoScore

HippoScore develops unique and exciting concert programmes on its own initiative, for which we also supply the scores and parts from our own catalogue or from other composers and publishers directly.
We assist in obtaining performance permissions and, if required, also provide visuals for live-to-music projections..
These concert programmes are available as package deals, but you can of course request individual music titles from the programmes for a performance as well. If necessary, we will try to re-arrange our concert programmes according to your individual requirements, like a particular instrumentation or duration of the concert.

If you already have something particular in mind, or rather want to request a unique concert programme tailored just for your needs, we would be happy to work with you on this as well!


  • Around the World and Beyond 
  • Fantastic Worlds and Magical Adventures
  • Symphony of the Old Masters (Classical Music in Video Games)
  • … more coming soon!


German Game Music Award – Galakonzert
Landesjugendorchester Bremen/Stefan Geiger – Die Glocke, Bremen

Testspiele. Von analog bis digital. – Eröffnung der Veranstaltungsreihe
Haus des Spiels/Deutsches Spielearchiv Nürnberg
Featuring a selection of music from video games like SpellForce 3, the ANNO series, Victoria 2 and Stellaris – arranged for Piano Solo and performed by Yannick Süß/HippoScore.

PDXCON 2017 and PDXCON 2018
Paradox In Concert
, Stockholm SE
At Paradox Interactive’s fan event PDXCON, Rosa Kvartetten performed a selection of Paradox Interactive’s video game soundtracks, composed by Andreas Waldetoft and arranged by Yannick Süß/HippoScore.