More and more often, video game music is being performed live in concerts. From exciting and often sold-out concerts of symphonic orchestras as special part of their concert season to celebrated and impressive performances as part of video game events and expos – just like film music, video game music has become an essential and established part of the concert world.

With HippoScore I support you to bring video game music to life in the concert hall.

What services am I offering you with HippoScore?

  • Consultation about the topic “Video Game Music in Concert” and guidance in the video game music genre
  • Access to scores and parts of hundreds of pieces and concert suites
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary performance permissions
  • Development of unique concert programmes
  • Creation of new concert arrangements and transcriptions

Why HippoScore?

    Video game music and its legal and artistic requirements to perform in live concerts are in many was different to film music or concert music. To pull off a video game music concert properly, you need someone who really understands the genre and how it works. That’s what other service providers in the market cannot offer you. Thanks to my many years of working as a game composer I have many contacts in the industry, but also a good understanding of the music repertoire, what music is available for performances and how to get all the necessary licenses. I want you to be covered in every regard.
    Depending on location, budget, target audience, format and available musicians, the requirements to video game music concerts and their programmes can vary a lot. Together with you, I develop individual solutions that match your circumstances and requirements, instead of only offering unflexible packages that don’t fit in your situation.
    The prejudice about video game music being just beeps and bloops and not worth any attention still exists, even though it doesn’t reflect reality – it has so much to offer. For me, musical and artistic quality is my primary goal. I only offer material authorised by the authors or publishers to ensure that all music I provide meets the highest quality standards. I also put the same efforts for high quality into the development of concert programmes.

Upcoming concerts:

20th November 2020, 7 pm: “Gaming Sounds” – The WDR Funkhaus Orchestra performs a video game concert at the Funkhaus in Cologne. HippoScore develops the concert programme compliant with the current Coronavirus restrictions, provides the scores and parts and coordinates the creation of custom music arrangements.
Concert livestream:

Selected recent concerts:

5th June 2020: “Video Game Music at Schalke” – The Neue Philharmonie Westfalen performs a Best-Of programme of video game music at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. HippoScore supports the production with consulting and operational tasks, provides orchestral scores and assists with the music selection.

June 2019: The Bremen State Youth Orchestra plus choir performs a gala concert with video game music as part of the German Game Music Awards. HippoScore provided orchestral material and assists with the programme selection.

December 2018: For the opening event of a big event series at the Haus des Spiels (House of Gaming) Nuremberg, Germany, HippoScore designs the musical programme – a concert with video game music arranged for solo piano.

May 2017: At a big community event of the game studio and publisher Paradox Interactive in Stockholm, Rosa Kvartetten and Max Wulfson perform a concert with music from the company’s game portfolio, which I had arranged particularly for this event for string quintet.