AROUND THE WORLD AND BEYOND is a concert programme that takes the audience on a journey all around our planet – to the roots of our civilization, to Earth’s most exotic places and finally even to space.

Recommended instrumentation: SoloMezzoS – 3d1.2d1.2+bcl.2+cbn – – Timp+5 – Hp – Piano – Celeste – Strings
Instrumentation can be optimized to individual needs where possible.

This concert programme works perfectly well without any visual projections. Please let us know if you would like to add visual projections anyway so we can work out the perfect solution together.


(by Austin Wintory)

ANNO series
(by Dynamedion)

The Settlers 7
(by Dynamedion)

(by Austin Wintory)

Civilization VI
(by Geoff Knorr)

Civilization: Beyond Earth
(by Geoff Knorr, Griffin Cohen, Michael Curran, Grant Kirkhope)

Super Stardust HD
(by Ari Pulkkinen)

Encore: Europa Universalis IV
(by Andreas Waldetoft)

— all scores and parts available through HippoScore —